You may park your car near to the fishermen’s shack. From the entryway, you find a nice hall with a comfortable bathroom to the left. The stairs brings you to the bright, roomy cottage with the kitchen facilities, and entry to
three snug bedrooms.

If thrilling for the children, – they may also sleep on shakedowns on the floor in a cosy loftroom.

Ankerloftet» is located near to the sea, and from the dining area, you may see the trout jumping in the bay. From the floating stage you may use the boat for catching sight of the Innvær fjord, or just go fishing, – or you may just relax in a chair on the landing stage, watching the tern hunting whitebaits along the wather side. In the kitchen area you find all the facilities you need to make a delicious meal. The kitchen is well equiped with tabel linen for 8 persons